“Our goal is to send our guests home with spiritual and emotional memories, not just souvenirs.” shared Mark Edleson, President of Alila Hotels & Resorts group. The name Alila derived from Sanskrit, which translates into surprise and is perfect for each property has its own refreshing character and hospitality charm. Alila is also constantly setting new standards for getaways, with featured privacy, eco-friendly buildings and bespoke travel experiences.

It might not be the newest kid on the block, but it is definitely a hot spot in town. Alila Seminyak is a contemporary beachfront resort with vertical gardens and an ancient temple at its heart, making it a truly distinctive feature and a sophisticated addition to Seminyak’s beachfront. Sensitive site planning helped presence the local landowner’s family home and the ancient ancestral temple, which has stood for generations. The temple was integrated into the resort’s design, framed as a central focal point for the entire property, while providing hotel guests a unique glimpse into an authentic Balinese tradition.

Designed by Singapore-based architecture firm URBNarc, the team maximises the resorts’ privileged location with the best ocean views at every opportunity while maintaining an atmosphere of privacy and individuality. Beyond its aesthetic appeal. Alila Seminyak is grounded in sustainability. It is the first resort in Indonesia to surpass the rigorous EarthCheck Building. Planning and Design standards by achieving an astounding 14 point best practice score against the industry norm at 5 points.


Alila Seminyak comprises 240 contemporary styled rooms and suites with a spectacular penthouse, all of which embraces nuxlern style chic with composites of nature within the design elements. Usable spaces are also thoughtfully planned out for artisan living and each room is furnished with sliding balconies and sun shading screens to fully embrace guests in the light and airiness of the outdoors.

The lobby space was definitely one to remember. The open counters were a concept designed to maximise the use of natural cooling, shading and daylight to reduce energy usage. Once we set foot into the massive space, we were ushered to the plush sofa seats right in the middle of the lobby for a refreshing and fuss free check-in process, which includes some spa products (facial mist, body lotion) accompanied with a cold cup of tea and some local desserts. Though it might be a simple act, 1 find it very heartwarming to know that guests are treated right the moment they set foot into the establishment. Art decor is a huge deal for the resort and artefacts on display are handpicked works from local artiste and placed around the resort premise, subject to change seasonally. Akin to visiting a museum, you will be in for a treat each time you return. We were then escorted to our Ocean Suite, located within the main hub of the hotel and with easy access to the beach, and given a room tour before settling in.

A bottle of fresh orange juice and a small platter of local delicacies might be the first thing to notice, after which, the incredibly bright yet inviting natural sunlight that lit the entire room (or suite in this case). What I really love was the fusion of nature and modem contemporary as seen in the furnishings within the room. The walls were made of dark wood sourced from local timbers and the designelements (bamboo-like wall designs) were inspired by the local forest. There are also two vanity spaces, perfect for couples to get ready in the morning. Did we mention the additional bath amenities such as sunscreen, after-sun lotion and facial mist on top of the usual shampoo and soap? It was the perfect place to be if you enjoy cradling by the lull of the waves and the caress of the ocean breeze.


Spa Alila might have just been operational in 2016. but it has already been included as “The ‘Must-Spa’ List to Experience in Bali 2016″. Personalised treatments from the heart, fresh local ingredients, highly skilled masseuse and a luxurious compound contribute to the success of Spa Alila, which promises nothing short of a sublime spa experience that will leave guests feeling rejuvenated and relaxed with a renewed sense of well-being.

This opulent spa destination is located on the first floor of the main building, with entrance facing the ancient temple that was previously mentioned, in the heart of the resort. Before treatments, you are given the option of choosing your massage oils. These arc made in-house and specially created to help soothe your body, mind and soul. I went for the relaxing massage blend which consists of soothing lavender, geranium and chamomile, mandarin, marjoram and patchouli essential oils, which help unravel stress, calm the emotions and enhance moods. After which, it was a tranquilising 90 minutes of Alila Signature Massage.

Skilful hands and focused energy deliver body-melting techniques such as lomi-lomi, acupressure, deep tissue muscle movement and gentle stretching – all of which were essential and perfect for a city dweller like me, who does not stretch on daily basis.


Alila Experiences is an exclusive excursion for guests to explore Bali’s Southwest coast in a fully restored Vintage 1980 Volkswagen Kombi. From sun-soaked beaches on a Rom- antique Road trip to shopping adventures on the Sensational Retail Therapy to hip nightlife on the Twilight to Midnight experience, any journey is set to offer an unforgettable Balinese experience.


Seminyak is renowned for being Bali’s most fashionable beach, home to the island’s most luxurious resorts and host to a fine number of restaurants and boutiques. So the next time you visit, why not reside in the coolest kid in town? It is after all. eco-friendly and offers an indulgence of luscious lifestyle facilities with refined spaces for chilling out in style. We know well return for more.

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